Step-Mommy\'s Little Snack Ft Vicky Vixxx

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Step-Mommy\'s Little Snack Ft Vicky Vixxx

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"This is a custom video order, to request your own email: raquel roper xxx gmail . c o m *remove spaces* ""So I want this clip to be a fairy tale vibe. Music and any other type of filters/visual effects would be cool to add to the mood. The plot is from the PoV of Vicky's young step-son, he lives with his grandma though and only visits her every couple years. The first scene is short and just involves me (her step-son) coming into her house to see her towering over me. She is so happy to see meand she can't believe how much I've grown, pinching my cheeks and saying I'm so cute she could just gobble me up (slightly ominously). She gives me a hug and we can hear her belly gurgling loudly as the camera is pressed into her stomach. She reminisces about how she misses having me around. She says that the neighborhood boys miss playing with me and laughs about how supposedly there is a rumor that she is a witch that eats boys, and that's why I disappeared. She thinks that idea is funny and even admits that she goes along with the joke, teasing the boys that they'll wind up in her belly just like her step-son. She realizes its late and says its time for bed, she tucks me in on the living room couch and is intensely happy that I'm here and back where he belongs. The camera fades to black. The camera fades back in with her tongue drooling over me and her mouth open extremely wide (with echoey effects and a different filter to add to a dreamy vibe), staring to the back of her throat as she hovers over me. She maintains her maternal comforting demeanor as she tells me not to worry and that I might feel a little different. She tries to comfort me and tell me there's nothing to worry about and that its better that I stayed relaxed, because I can't move my body anyway now that I'm her food, so there's no point in struggling. She tells me I have nothing to worry about, she's just going to eat me, disturbingly casually. She reassures me that this isn't a bad dream, although she has dreamed of this moment many times. She tells me this was supposed to happen years ago but my grandmother kept me from away from her. She goes on to explain how awful it was that she was kept away her from her food, and that since I am her step-son, she's allowed to do what she wants with me, including eat me. She taunts him a bit more with belly play. She then says ""come here"", reaching over to pick him up, and the camera POV changes to third person now. The step-son has been transformed into a human shape made out of dough (maybe 7 inches long and 3d/not just flat, almost like a doll). It could be cookie dough or anything else of that consistency. She licks her prey, slobbering all over him and deepthroating him headfirst - she asks if he could see down into her stomach back there, and that was where he was going. She taunts him with vore dialogue with things like how many bites she can eat him in; if she should eat him head first or legs first. She taunts him with digestion talk and how he'll pass right through her now that he's nice and soft. She finally lifts him up and slowly opens her mouth massively (there can be one big first person pov view to the back of her mouth before returning to third person) and takes a giant bite, sliding him legs first and chomping up to his torso. She chews briefly before swallowing. What's left is just his torso and head, she teases him, pushing him up against her bare belly and laughing that he'll soon meet the fate of his lower half. She holds him up above her head and slides him, torso first, back into her mouth, and finishes the bite by slowly sliding her lips around his head as he disappears into her mouth. She chews briefly before swallowing, sucking her fingers and moaning as he slides into her belly. She says she wished she filmed this so that she could rewatch it over and over again, and that she'd even send the video to his grandmother and his friends so that they could see his fate. The final scene is a brief fade in with different music on vicky, laying down & napping - rubbing her now enlarged belly as she digests."""


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