Custom Videos

Did you know that YOU can bring your own fantasy to life with one (or multiple) of your favorite Vore Vixens? We love coming up with scenarios & swapping scripts with our fans and customers through Custom Video Orders.

All custom video orders can be placed via email to [email protected]. Please title your email, "Custom Video Inquiry" when contacting.

You will need to provide the following information within your email:

  • Length of video.
  • Model(s) desired.
  • Wardrobe requests.
  • Audio SFXs.
  • Visual SFXs.
  • Setting preferences.
  • Personalization,. (Your name featured in the script, request for video to remain private.)

Providing this information within your first email helps in speeding up the process in getting back to you with an estimate of not only costs, but how long your commission will take to produce.

We do not have a fixed rate, price per minute format to our custom videos. Each script / scenario is reviewed and the cost is dependent on a variety of elements, such as the ones listed above. (The more detailed, explicit, or longer your scenario is, the more it will cost.).

We also accept custom photoset orders with our models as well! These start at $5 per photo and move up in rate depending on the specifics of your request such a model, wardrobe, setting, editing required, etc. Custom photoset orders are placed via’ email to [email protected]. When inquiring about a photoset order, title your email "Custom Photoset Inquiry").