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Models / Reagan Lush

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Vore Slave Ft Reagan Lush
Reagan Lush
You, are late to your session with Mistress Reagan Lush; who is a very punctual individual. She doesn't appreciate her time being buzzed, and one not being respectful of it so a punishment is in order. A rather severe punishment, as this isn't the first time you've kept her waiting. With the snap of her fingers she sends you tumbling to the floor, where you normally would be on your knees but this...

Tags: Giantess Shrinking Vore
Vore Slave
Vore Ransom Ft Reagan Lush
Reagan Lush
Did you really believe that you'd get away with it? Dating Reagan, while hiding the fact that you are happily married to another woman. Eager, to have the best of both worlds. Little did you know the Mistress you were keeping, had secrets and powers of her own. To teach you a lesson she's shrunken your wife and trapped her in a glass prison, threatening to devour her whole if she doesn't get what she...

Tags: Giantess Shrinking Vore
Vore Ransom
OH NO You Made Me Big! Ft Reagan Lush
Reagan Lush
She wanted you so bad, but she didn't think it was going to end up like THIS. Her mouth was watering, her tongue practically wagging in anticipation to taste you on her tongue. To feel you fill her up. She stripped, wanting to be comfortable while you digested. But once Reagan wakes up? She is HUGE. Unable to barely move. She should have known better with consuming someone your size. She struggles...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Mouth Fetish POV
OH NO You Made Me Big
Vore Sex Slave Ft Reagan Lush
Reagan Lush
This clip features: third person establishing shots, POV giantess, third person giantess, Edited audio echoing to imerse you into your macrophilia fantasy nude giantess, threatening foot & butt crush, implied shrunken oral, implied shrunken ass eatting, belly rubs, endoscope swallow w/ uvula exposure, digestion talk, after digestion belly rubbing/talk... Reagan has been left a special package...

Tags: Ass Fetish Belly Fetish Blondes Endoscope
Vore Sex Slave Reagan Lush
Fucked & Gobbled Up Ft Reagan Lush
Reagan Lush
Your step-mom Reagan wants to take something from you. Your virginity. She's going to fuck you and make you cum hard. Sucking your cock and letting you slip it inside of her and lose your innocence. However as soon as you blow your load, the moment you feel release and one of your wildest dreams comes true. The tables turn. She yanks you, a wicked look in her eyes as she stretches her mouth open. Now...

Tags: Belly Fetish Blondes Mouth Fetish Same Size Vore
Fucked And Swallowed By Your Step Mom Ft Reagan Lush