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Models / Raquel Roper

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Empty Belly Babysitter Gets Her Fill Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel Roper
Camera POV from the boy's perspective. The boy is under the table or couch. Babysitter enters walking barefoot looking for the boy. She angrily yells him to come out but he stays hidden. She walks back and forth saying he'll be punished if he doesn't come out. She finds him by poking her foot under the table or couch and hitting him with her big toe. She snaps her fingers and demands he come out, pointing...

Tags: Giantess Mouth Fetish Unaware Giantess Vore
Consuming A Small Fry! Ft Raquel Roper & Sunshine
Raquel Roper , Sunshine
Sunshine and Raquel are in the middle of lunch, chowing down on chicken sandwiches and french fries. However, that's not the best part of their meals. The best part of their meals? Is you. The tiny little addition that truly satisfies their stomachs. They also find it so humorous, that their french fries are literally bigger than you! So puny, but delicious. You really just make all the other food...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Double Giantess Giantess
Small Fry
Live Vore Prey Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel Roper
Didn't anyone ever tell you that the folk tales are parents use to lull us to rest at night, hold some truth? Or that the nightmares we reenact by camp fires as a means to bring apon fright; are in fact lurking about our own neighborhoods. Very much alive, thriving. Little did you know that the gurl next door, was a gluttonous man eater not of this realm or the next, but a mythological creature stripped...

Tags: Mouth Fetish Vore
Live Vore Prey
Vore Reality Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel Roper
(This is a custom video fantasy brought to life, no specific name used. To order your own email: raquel roper xxx @ gmail.com *remove spaces*.) This clip features: POV, Giantess Vore, Shrinking, Burping, Eating, Chewing, Digestion Talk, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth Shots, Swallowing. "You're really a natural at it, and it's been so thrilling seeing you come at it from your own unique angle. I sat down...

Tags: Belly Fetish Giantess Mouth Fetish POV
Vore Reality Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel's Sweet Treat Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel Roper
This clip features: Giantess Vore, POV shots & swallowing, 3rd Person shots & swallowing, MY FIRST EVER Endoscope footage, Digestion Talk, Saliva, CRYSTAL CLEAR Uvula/Mouth Shots The neighbors for awhile have had assumptions about me, whispering rumors to each other of me being strange... perhaps even a witch? I suppose they weren't entirely far off, and I choose Halloween night as the evening...

Tags: Belly Fetish Giantess Mouth Fetish POV
Raquels Sweet Treat
Vorevacious Bloated Belly Burper Ft Raquel Roper
Raquel Roper
I truly can't help myself. There's nothing I love more than gorging on tinies, and flushing them down my throat with carbonated water. I love how round it makes me! Also, thinking about how it makes my snacks within's journey as they digest. The carbonated water popping, bubbling, and fizzing inside of me along with them. I'm sure it makes for quite the bumpy ride. You're going to end up just like...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Blondes Busty
Vorevacious Bloated Belly Burper
Lunch Date Ft Raquel Roper & Freshie Juice
Raquel Roper
Raquel and Freshie planned a double date with you. Meaning you were going to get to go out to eat with not one girl, but two! You found yourself too lunch. That it was TOO good to be true. And you were right. It was too good to be true. Because Raquel and Freshie weren't interested in eating with you. They ARE interested in eating you! They usually simply swallow whole and get it over with quickly,...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Mouth Fetish POV
Lunch Date
From Fan To Food Ft Raquel Roper & Stella Liberty
Raquel Roper , Stella Liberty
During AVN my friend Stella and I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an idiotic pervert, claiming to be a fan who took it upon himself to attempt on getting handsy. Like him, you probably think this is a game don't you? That we simply play pretend while the camera is rolling? Well he learned for himself, that's not the case. He attempted to leave the booth we were signing at, but we merely...

Tags: Double Giantess Giantess Mouth Fetish POV
From Fan To Food