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Pathetic Pipsqueak Mock & Beatdown! Ft Riot Starter
Riot Starter
(This was a custom video order. If you would like to bring your own giantess, vore, or size related fantasy to life; email: raquel roper xxx g m a i l . c o m *remove the spaces) It would start out with her picking on a guy for being so short, skinny and weak. A little pipsqueek that would have no chance against her size, strength, and beauty. That should have been the end of it, he should have...

Tags: Beatdowns Female Domination Femdom POV Height Humiliation
Yummy Gummy Vore Ft Riot Starter
Riot Starter
Riot Starter has one of the biggest, wide, wet and warm mouths we've ever seen. She is an expert at opening her mouth wide, exposing her dangling uvula in a sadistic tease. What we capture of her gaping mouth is crystal clear, seeing every details of her mouth and the back of her throat. She knows all the right words to say that send you spiraling, having you wishing that you could be one of the squishy...

Tags: Giantess Shrinking Vore
Yummy Gummy Vore
Vore Boss Ft Riot Starter
Riot Starter
This clip includes: vore vlog, vorarephilia triggering dialogue, clear mouth & uvula shots, upclose belly shots, swallows/gulps, tongue teases, belly rubs... The boss of a main stream advertisement firm had no choice but to rid herself of the employees she had that disobeyed rules and regulations. This, is her personal vlog she has recorded to go over the details of their devouring and what led...

Tags: Belly Fetish Mouth Fetish POV Same Size Vore
Vore Boss Riot
Shrunken And Vored By Riot - Riot Starter
Riot Starter
Like me, this “guy” is looking for a mainly vanilla time to include sexy belly teasing, maybe tickling, and vore teasing (but is NOT expecting to be gobbled). While discussing his plans, Riot Starter sexily plays with her belly and mouth. Riot Starter sexily plays along but doesn’t reveal her plan to actually gobble him up just yet After a little while, Riot Starter is ready to shrink the guy,...

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Giantess Mouth Fetish
Shrunken And Vored By Riot
A Weekend Feast Ft Riot Starter
Riot Starter
You will take three different perspectives. A meal for Friday that Riot has been storing away in the fridge. A meal for Saturday, that's been kept safely behind bars. And a meal for Sunday, light and dainty; that's been sealed away in tupperware. A weekend feast, with you being every course! However Riot will tease and taste each differently, each day serving a different purpose & stage of her feast....

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Brunettes Giantess
A Weekend Feast
Vore Horror Ft Riot Starter
Riot Starter
It begins with Riot reading you a segment from a novel she's working on, about a man who's big and strong. Who views others much smaller than him in size and muscle mass as inferior, puny. Nothing more than a big bully. However one day this big bully means a magical and mysterious woman, who wishes to teach him a lesson. To knock him down a few pegs. Doesn't this man, as she begins describing him further......

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Brunettes Giantess
Vore Horror Ft Riot Starter