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Models / Natasha Ty

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Big Belly Vore Babe Gets Stuffed Ft Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty
You've been looking for your friends, EVERYWHERE and can't find them? It seems as though they just disappeared. But they haven't... they are deep inside Natasha! She went from tiny and flat, to HUGE and it's all because she's gobbled them up. Can't you hear them inside? Moving about? Squirming and fighting for their existences as her acids break them down. She can't stop smiling, licking her lips in...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Mouth Fetish POV
Big Belly Vore Babe Gets Stuffed
Leaving Cookies For Santa Ft Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty
As the tale goes, everyone is suppose to leave milk & cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. To aid in their journey and travels so they don't deliver the world's gifts on an empty stomach. However this house that Miss Santa, Natasha; has entered has only left out milk. Not cookies... unless, you? YOU are what Natasha is suppose to consider a cookie. Sure you are the size of a gingerbread man but just...

Tags: Ass Fetish Belly Fetish Brunettes Giantess
Leaving Cookies For Santa
Vored By Natasha Ty (PHOTOSET)
Natasha Ty
We had Natasha on set today, and couldn't help but capture a photoset of her with one of her prey from the venture. She's had him trapped in a cage for several hours and has decided to let him out for her to have some fun. She taunts him with her mouth and belly. threatening to swallow him. But she also enjoys the though of crushing him like a mere bug. Putting the tiny underneath her sexy sole, and...

Tags: Ass Fetish Belly Fetish Foot Domination Foot Fetish
Intimate Voring Ft Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty
You desire to be devoured, but you wish to be seduced. For things to be taken slow. Sensually. You want a gentle, sexy giantess to do the deed. Taking her time with you. Staring into your eyes, licking her lips. Exposing her glistening mouth, dangling uvula, and tight tummy to you. Natasha Ty has it all. Everything wrapped up into one deviant beauty, who can't wait to sink her teeth into you. She speaks...

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Mouth Fetish POV
Intimate Voring Ft Natasha Ty
Vore Fighter III Ft Mia Hope & Natasha Ty
Mia Hope , Natasha Ty
It's time to play your favorite game, VORE FIGHTER! Where you get to play against your favorite, carnivorous giantesses. In Vore Fighter III, you battle and face both Mia Hope & Natasha Ty. The two giantesses love to lick, taunt and tease you tiny prey; both eager to swallow you up and have you trapped in their tight tummies. Natasha is sensually sadistic, where as Mia is hungry and bratty; giving...

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Giantess Mouth Fetish
Chose Your Fighter III
Cough It Up Ft Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty
A greedy Giantess has shrunken your wife, presenting you with a note of her demands if you don't wish to watch her gobble her up in one swift bite. It would be too easy, for her tongue to latch onto her body and push her towards her throat past her dangling uvula. She taunts you, with how simple it would be due to your wife's fragile frame. Are you frozen in fear, or simply an idiot? You're not going...

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Giantess Mouth Fetish
Cough It Up
Vore JOI With Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty
Natasha is plump and bloated from a rather large meal, the sounds of her food digesting echoing in your ears and making your cock stiff. She knows your vore fetish is uncontrollable, it's why she's called you before her. She wants to see how weak you are for her wet, warm mouth and especially her large, loud stomach that you can't take your eyes off of. You're going to stroke your cock for Natasha...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Mouth Fetish Same Size Vore
Vore JOI With Natasha Ty
Two Girls One Snack Ft Raquel Roper & Natasha Ty
Natasha Ty , Raquel Roper
Your girlfriend Raquel has invited her friend Natasha over for some fun. Raquel claims she and Natasha have a special new lip gloss that's suppose to make for even hotter sensations, when feeling oral pleasure. She wants you to feel BOTH of their mouths on you at once. You naturally get very excited, even more eager as the two girls drop to their knees and take you into their mouth. However as soon...

Tags: Belly Fetish Blondes Brunettes Double Giantess
Two Girls One Snack