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Models / Megan Jones

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Megan Jones & Friend - Double Bug Bully
Megan Jones
You are in for a world of trouble. Not only do you have to face the towering, muscle stacked Giantess such as Megan Jones; but she's brought along a friend with her who is JUST as strong. The two of them want to tease and torment you. Leaving you quivering in fear of what is to come. They could easily smash you in between their large breasts, or underneath their huge soles. But the two have decided...

Tags: Giantess Vore
Devastating Tiny Dweebs Ft Megan Jones
Megan Jones
This clip includes: third person giantess, third person swallowing, pre-swallow tongue shots, butt crush, foot crush, thumb crush, breast crush, belly shots/rubs, digestion talk, vorarephilia & macrophilia triggering dialogue... Megan Jones's table is littered with tinies, tinies whom have been squeeking; begging her for their lives from down below as she towers above them with a wide wicked smile....

Tags: Giantess Shrinking Vore
Devastating Tiny Dweebs
Two Giantesses Take Down The Competition Ft Megan Jones & Anat
Megan Jones
These two power house body building giantesses Megan Jones & Anat have shrunk their competition, and now believe it's chow time! What better way then to secure a win, that they are the most powerful dynamic duo; then to consume those who desired to test their strength? Now their competition is no more, they are merely snacks or play things for the two sadistic beauties to entertain themselves. They...

Tags: Belly Fetish Blondes Brunettes Double Giantess
Two Giantesses Take Down The Competition
Vore Fighter Ft Ama Rio & Megan Jones
Ama Rio , Megan Jones
In this game, you will get to play both with both Characters, Ama Rio & Megan Jones. When you battle with Ama Rio, you are dealing with a sensual yet deviant giantess who slowly wishes to have her way with you. She appears to be all smiles and innocence, but when she starts handling you; you realize it's part of her power. That behind her gentle eyes is a hungry carnivore who can't wait to devour you...

Tags: Belly Fetish Bloated Belly Brunettes Giantess
Choose Your Fighter
After Gym Snack Ft Megan Jones
Megan Jones
THIS CLIP INCLUDES POV FOOTAGE CAPTURED WITH GO-PRO HERO 6 - there will be color grading changes due to this, as well as some mic muffling/noises. This footage was taken before upgrading to the GO-PRO Hero 7. This clip includes: Aware Giantess, POV First person giantess, vorarephilia triggering dialogue, belly shots & rubs, tongue play, eating, swallowing, digestion talk, POV swallow. Post digestion...

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Giantess Mouth Fetish
After Gym Snack Ft Megan Jones
A Snack Behind Bars
Megan Jones
You are trapped in a cage, with two hungry giantesses before you. Megan & Lucie plan on devouring you but want to save you for last however, the best for last. They decided to taunt you first, opening the cage and picking off your other tiny friends one by one. Making you watch in horror and anxiety driven anticipation for what is to come of your fragile body. A giant hand reaches in to scoop you up....

Tags: Belly Fetish Brunettes Double Giantess Giantess
A Snack Behind Bars